Essential for all musicians, theory of music is one of the most often overlooked subjects in music education regardless of the instruments.

Here at Maestro’s Piano Lessons, we include theory of music alongside piano lessons, so that our students can improve their theory step-by-step, alongside taking their practical exams. Even a small portion of instrumental lessons dedicated to theory of music will make a big difference in student’s general understanding of music.

Theory of music lessons can also be specifically taught to students of all ages and levels. Since theory of music is the same for students of all instruments, therefore whatever your instrument is we can help you excel on theory lessons.

Learn theory of Music more effectively

Theory of music, will be best learnt and thoroughly understood once it’s put into practise, therefore during theory of music lessons students may be asked to sight read an excerpt or to play a scale or arpeggio to help them better relate to the subject and understand its significance in practise.

Putting theory of music subjects into practise will also help the students to learn and memorise it better. With our experienced teacher trained as a conductor and pianist, it means that they will have a thorough and practical knowledge of theory of music, up until the advanced level and beyond.

At Maestro’s Piano Lessons, you can have your theory of music lessons at your location for extra charge!