Piano lessons for intermediate to advanced students will be planned to focus on making them a better musician. Learning more effective practise techniques, analysing the pieces being working on, gives the student a better musical understanding of the piece.

Theory of music, aural training and sight reading will be all part of the piano lessons for intermediate/advanced students.

Special focus will also be on improving any weaker musicianship skills, making sure that the student is equally confident on all practical exam and theory of music subjects.

Guiding the student towards the right musical direction is also important in piano lessons. There are so many different pathways that a piano student can take. A pianist can be a good composer, a conductor, a concert pianist or a repetiteur (accompanist).

During the piano lessons some students may show particular interest on a specific style of music or on composing their own pieces. These tendencies and talents can be spotted by an experienced piano teacher at their early stages.

At Maestro’s Piano Lessons the students will be encouraged by giving more weight to the musical pathway that interests them the most, while making sure they acquire and develop the general musical skills needed to be successful in each musical form.