At Maestro’s Piano Lessons we are proud to introduce online piano lessons for all students aged older than 6. All levels are welcome from the very beginner to advanced.

We take online lessons to the next level. With our level of expertise and years of experience in piano tuition alongside our comprehensive E-Learning support programme, the online lessons can be just as effective as face to face lessons.

Piano is one of the most versatile instruments with the lowest level of maintenance needed. In terms of effectiveness of online piano lessons, we can guarantee the outcomes when you book with us. Unlike other instruments when learning piano, you don’t need constant adjustment of your playing style by the tutor which reduces the need for the physical presence of your teacher. On the other hand the very wide pitch range on piano and delicacy of finger positions, require a highly educated tutor with good attention to details.

The level of musicianship of your teacher and his/her expertise as well as his/her competence on the online music teaching has a significant effect on the quality of your lessons. Your teacher must possess excellent listening skills and thorough knowledge of the pieces/songs on hand.

At Maestro’s Piano Lessons, the sessions are taught by Maestro Babak Kazemi. Maestro Kazemi is a highly skilled conductor and pianist who have led various orchestras and performed in prestigious venues in UK and abroad. His experience alongside his high musicianship skills will guarantee the outcomes of your lessons.

Free Trial Lesson

We are proud of the quality of the service we provide and can offer 30 minutes of free trial lesson when you book with us.

Subjects that we teach online

We cover all piano practical exam subjects on online lessons. These subjects include:


Piano exam pieces


Scales and Arpeggios


Sight Reading


Aural Test

We also teach music theory in practise online. Apart from the exam subject we cover all aspects of piano playing such as improving your technique on new repertoire, history of music, harmony and more.

About Your Online Piano Lessons

  • Carefully planned piano lessons specifically designed to improve your skills on the instrument
  • Online lessons are taught by orchestral conductor and pianist Babak Kazemi. Maestro Kazemi has more than a decade of experience in piano pedagogy. Click here to read more.
  • Fully equipped music studio providing two camera angles and professional microphones to ensure the best sound/video quality.
  • Upon your request the sessions can be recorded and sent to you for further evaluation of your performance and to review each lesson’s material.
  • Access to online educational material specifically designed for you to help you maximise the learning outcomes.
  • Free advise on how to choose a new piano or second hand piano.
  • Access to online progress sheet and homework report. Click here for more information.

What you need

What do you need to have to start your online piano lessons:

  • Your own acoustic or digital piano.
  • Access to a tablet, mobile phone or laptop device.
  • A reliable internet connection.
  • If you are using a tablet having a tablet holder will help choosing the best camera angle that your hands and keys are clearly visible.
  • You don’t need an external audio device.
  • You don’t have to wear a headset during the lessons.

      review rating 5  Babak has been a very patient and calm teacher toward my child. He has been teaching for the last one year and we have had a very good experience. His demeanour is positive and encourages children to learn. Would recommend him as a piano teacher.

      thumb D Bhar

      review rating 5  Babak is very professional,always prepared & his lovely positive nature motivated me. He is very patient & he put me at ease. I've started my piano lessons four months ago and now I'm preparing for Grade 2 piano exam. I'm confident that I made a right choice and I'm very pleased.

      thumb Sahar Mohammadi

      review rating 5  Extremely happy with the lessons for our 7 year old. Punctual, professional and patient. I would wholeheartedly recommend Maestro’s piano lessons.

      thumb hhh.