We believe that learning music, and especially piano, is not age-related.

We offer Piano lessons for adults, and believe nothing should prevent you from taking advantage of our expertise and years of experience, working with adult students to learn or improve their ability to play and enjoy the music.

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced, adult piano lessons are available to help you improve the skill you already have, or introduce you to the wonders of playing piano.

Don’t travel for Piano lessons

Travelling to piano lessons every week can be expensive and time consuming. Maestro’s Piano Lessons offer piano lessons for adults at your home at no additional charge, as well as the opportunity to learn in our studios.

Piano lessons at your home are available on request in the Birmingham area.

Your learning process

With more than a decade of experience, our professional and experienced piano teacher knows what it takes to begin and grow your experience as an adult student. Playing piano requires both the brain and muscles to learn and unlock new abilities.

According to our experience, Piano lessons for adults who have the determination and perseverance can work very well.

At Maestro’s Piano Lessons we have adult students who started learning piano from the scratch and did very well on their musical journey. Many of our adult piano students are now playing piano in advanced level and some are still studying piano with us and are enjoying their progress in music. Our oldest student is 80 years old and is doing a fantastic job, in practising and learning piano.

Apart from proven scientific benefits of piano lessons for adults and many articles written around this subject, piano is a very good choice when it comes to choosing between various musical instruments.

Piano is one of the most relaxing and fun instruments to play and if taught correctly your learning experience should match that. Apart from the stress relief that playing piano brings you, it gives you a limitless musical repertoire of the last five centuries!