Maestro’s Piano Lessons are now offered in Cardiff and South Wales.

We have been providing affordable, professional piano tuition for the past ten years, across the UK. In the past decade our music academy helped many students achieve their dreams of playing piano.

Maestro’s Piano lessons are taught by experienced and highly qualified piano teachers in Wales.

We pride ourselves at the level of piano instruction we provide.

Piano lessons in Cardiff

Piano classes in Cardiff take place at our well-equipped music studio or alternatively at Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. We additionally provide private piano lessons at student’s location. Our music studio is equipped with two high end pianos. The two instruments have different characteristic and thus provide a wide range of piano playing technique and stylistic variety. As pianists we don’t have the luxury of carrying our personal instrument everywhere we go, therefore we need to learn to adjust and perform on various pianos. Hence why our Cardiff based music school is equipped with two pianos.

We also have equipped our academy with high-end microphones capable of leading live studio recording sessions as well as various other instruments such as violin and cellos which we use to play along in group, private or online piano classes. This educational method has proven to have significant advantages as it increases the student’s aural awareness and prepares them to play with others in form of ensembles/orchestras.

A Piano Instructor that Suits You

We understand it can be challenging to find a professional piano teacher in Cardiff. The reason why is because music is an art which requires years of studying as well as consistent practice in order to come to fruition. At Maestro’s Piano Lessons in Cardiff, all our tutors hold a musical degree, in addition to having professional music making experience.

When learning piano you need a teacher who is well qualified but also highly experienced in music performance so they can guide you through the years and make you a well-rounded musician. Many piano instructors don’t really have professional music experience, meaning that they might know the mechanics of piano playing but have never applied it in piano competitions, piano recital or other forms of piano performance.

At Maestro’s Piano Lessons we think it is absolutely essential to work with someone who is actually a musician so they can give you an artistic and practical approach to music making.

Our head teacher is Maestro Babak Kazemi. He has been active in orchestral and operatic conducting since 2010 and have compose/performed symphonies, choirs and opera productions as well as performing as a pianist in various venues across the world. He is graduated from Royal Birmingham Conservatoire and has studied his Masters at Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. You can read more about him HERE.

At Maestro’s Piano Lessons we aim to offer the highest quality of piano education in city of Cardiff. We have many years of excellent service behind us, yet we thrive to raise the bar higher and help people achieve their dreams in playing piano.

Piano Lessons Plans

Beginners Piano Lessons

We teach music academically in Cardiff. If you are a beginner the first step is to introduce you to music notation. Music notation is a fascinating system similar to a language which is more than 500 hundred years old and is best method of preserving and recording music. As far as piano is concerned it’s one of the most versatile instruments, which can offer you the most fulfilling musical experience, due to its extraordinary range and technique of playing. Learning music notation for piano beginners is done through playing simple songs. These songs are specifically designed to help improve your sight reading skills. Once we went through learning how to read notes and you became more confident at understanding the piano language we work on more complex songs/pieces.

Advanced Piano Student

At Maestro’s Piano Lessons in Cardiff we teach a wide range of students from total beginners to advanced musicians. In advance piano classes we first assess your skills on our first lesson and will plan the rest of lessons accordingly. We also examine any technical issue such as rhythmic, articulation or stylistic problem in your music making and help you resolve it. We have helped many piano students over the past decade and are confident that we can help you improve significantly at any level that you currently are.

Piano Exams

At our Cardiff piano studio we also offer piano exams. We work with various piano exam boards in South Wales and can provide a wide range of choices in term of your piano exams.

We tailor the lessons based on your needs and ensure you will get the best of each and every lesson in terms of improving your pianistic skills.

Teaching model at our Cardiff piano academy is based on private one to one lessons. This system has proven to be the most effective in learning piano. We appreciate that piano is a solo instrument, therefore you will have to learn it within a well-designed system that consistently educates you to become a solo artist.

Children’s Piano Lessons

We plan the lessons differently for children compared to adults. We offer piano lessons in Cardiff to all ages and levels. The starting age is 5 years old and no limits to upper age. In order to improve their motor skills and reading abilities, lessons for kids focus on playing easy songs.

These songs will increase in terms of complexity but in a well-paced way. If at any point we feel the student is falling behind, we review the material learnt already before moving forward to new subjects. The piano lessons will be fully designed for each individual student. This method guaranties that each child will get the best piano education.

Adult Piano Lessons

For adult’s piano lessons, we can offer exceptional piano education that ensures your progress. As an adult piano learner, you’d need to have a rounded experience of music theory and practice of playing piano. We design the teaching system around your goals and aspirations from learning piano. While taking piano lessons with us, you’d have a clear objective as to where you are moving toward in your piano education. In terms of repertoire you’d work on a balanced amount of classical, jazz and contemporary piano pieces. Depending on your interests and favourite piano genres, we select the songs that can be most helpful in your technique as well as overall artistic development.

Additionally we offer piano exams for adult students in Cardiff. For the exams we have a 100% pass rate for children and adult’s piano lessons in Wales. We pride ourselves at providing reliable piano education that will ensure your musical success. So whether you are a beginner piano learner or if you already have some experience playing piano, we can help you become a better musician and fulfil you best potentials. We provide high quality piano education in Cardiff to all levels and ages.

Piano Concerts in Wales

We also offer preparation for piano concerts, recitals and competitions in Cardiff and throughout Wales.

We work on professional repertoire of standard classical piano or any modern and/or jazz piano pieces that you’d like to prepare.

Cardiff lessons include:

Piano Lessons for Adults

Providing piano lessons for adults of any level.

Piano Lessons for Kids

Teaching young children piano from an early age, we provide the expertise needed.

Piano Lessons for Beginners

Whatever your age, it’s never late to start! We provide well-paced and step by step piano lessons for beginners in Cardiff.

Theory of Music

Essential for all musicians, theory of music is one of the most often overlooked subjects in music education regardless of the instruments.

Piano Exam

With us your success in the exams is guaranteed.

Online Piano Lessons

Taught by experienced piano tutor. Free access to our comprehensive E-learning support/feedback programme.