Regardless of age, you can be a beginner at learning Piano, and Maestro’s Piano Lessons will help you every stage of the way. The lessons will be tailored around your skills and musical requirements.

You’ll learn more than just how to play piano, but also the theory of music, posture and how to read and interpret music. We’ll ease you into your piano lessons, and make sure that while going at your pace, we’ll also be improving your musicality and playing skills.

The right Piano teacher for you

According to our experience, it is of utmost importance to choose a well-educated and highly experienced piano teacher right from the start of your musical journey. Piano lessons for beginners demands a lot more accuracy and attention to details.

Anything learnt incorrectly at this stage, such as sitting posture and hand positions, will be very difficult to rectify latter. That makes it crucial to start learning piano with the right teacher who understands the challenges and importance of teaching music and has a high level of expertise.

At Maestro’s Piano lessons your experienced piano teacher understands the challenges of learning piano as a beginner. He will advise and guide you on a variety of matters from choosing the right piano to how to practise effectively and help you achieve the best results.

Free advice on choosing the right instrument will be available when you book your Birmingham piano lessons with us.