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This Agreement is between Maestro’s Piano Lessons and you (“you” or the “student”). If you are under 18 years old, you will need permission of your parent/guardian to enter into this Agreement and book piano lessons or theory of music lessons with Maestro’s Piano Lessons.




  • Absence from a scheduled lesson (or number of lessons) will not give rise to any right of re-scheduling or refund.


  • Maestro’s Piano Lessons can agree to a total of 1 cancellation on each consecutive 2 month or 8 lessons.


  • In case of any unauthorised cancellations or absence Maestro’s Piano Lessons reserves the right to charge you without consultation or notification and this is absolute.


  • There will be no changes in teaching schedule during the school holidays including half terms and Easter holidays. Any absence during these periods will be counted towards the cancellation allowance mentioned above.


  • During summer holidays we can agree to up to 3 weeks of absence, any cancellation further that 3 weeks will be charged.


  • Cancellation or rescheduling request must be made no later than 48 hours in advance, failure to do so will result in the lesson being charged.


  • Maestro’s Piano Lessons reserves the rights to cancel the one to one lesson agreement and stop providing further lessons without prior notice. In this case the remaining credit (if any) will be refunded.


  • While we do our best to provide rescheduling option(s) in case of an absence, but this is not always possible due to our busy teaching schedule. In which case the lesson will be counted as a cancellation and could be charged if you have reached your cancellation allowance.


  • In the event that the student or his/her parents or guardians have any physical health related issues (which prevents the student from attending the lessons), you may postpone the lessons until after recovery. If this situation occurs, Maestro’s Piano Lessons has the right to request proof of health problems. The final decision to postpone the lessons is left solely with Maestro’s Piano Lessons.


  • The piano and/or theory lessons are only taught to you, and cannot be reassigned to a third party.



3) Piano/Theory of Music Lessons at Your Location


  • When providing piano lessons at your home as well as our studio to students under 18 year old, we require their parent/guardian to be present in the house.


  • Please note that the lesson will not proceed without the above the requirement being met.


  • While we do every effort to deliver the piano lessons on time at your location, but depending on traffic in Birmingham sometimes delays are unavoidable. In these cases we advise allowing up to 15 minutes of delay in delivering your lesson.



4) Safeguarding Children & Promoting Their Well-being

  • At Maestro’s Piano Lessons we take safeguarding children and young people very seriously. We do every effort to promote their well-being.


  • We regularly check and make sure that our safeguarding training are up to date.


  • We are DBS checked.


  • In our lessons we are open and prepared to listen to children.


  • We stay aware of children and their needs and behaviours at all times.


  • We will always act if there is any concerns about a child or young person.